Kingdom Revelations


NQF Level 2

SBMP 01 – The Bible as our basis of faith

SBMP 02 – Key aspects of Christian faith

SBMP 03 – The church as the community of believers

SBMP 04 – Be a true church leader

SBMP 05 – Doing the work of a Christian leader

SBMP 06 – Faith of the Christian community

SBMP 07 – Preaching ministry

SBMP 08 – Caring ministry

SBMP 09 – Managing church affairs

SBMP 10 – Bring Christ to the world

NQF Level 5

LMDP 01 – Basic Christian concepts
The purpose of ministry
Embrace the Christian Faith
LMDP 02 – Bible and Bible Interpretation
Learn to Interperate the Bible
Study the bible – OT
Study the bible – NT
LMDP 03 – Build the relationship with God
Grow through prayer and preaching
Lead meaningful worship services
LMDP 04 – Nurtune fellowship in church
Build up the body of Christ
Organise effective ministries
LMDP 05 – Develop pro-active and reactive skills
Develop a Christian lifestyle
Practice pastoral care and counselling
LMDP 06 – Develop leadership skills
Develop leadership and management skills

LMDP 07 – Reach out to the world

Please note: An external exam will have to be taken for you to obtain the NQF Level!