Kingdom Revelations

Support and Counselling

Marriage and Family Counselling

People often face a lot of problems in their marriage and family life. Sometimes, these troubled people find it hard to cope up with their life. This results in constant fights with their partners or family members. Marriage and family counselling comes in here. In other words, it helps people with these problems. They take them into confidence and prescribe solutions that will help them overcome their problems.

Educational Counselling

A student who is fresh out of school or college is often clueless as to which career to choose. This is completely normal for kids of that age to feel like that. Furthermore, sometimes even working individuals feel like that in the midst of their careers. This is nothing to worry about. Educational counselling helps these people in choosing their career path. They conduct seminars and orientations or private sessions where they discuss the interest of their client and offer solutions accordingly.

Rehabilitation Counselling

This type of counselling refers to a practice where the counsellor helps people with their emotional and physical disabilities. Furthermore, these counsellors teach these people ways to live independently and maintain gainful employment. It evaluates the strength and limitations of their patients. In short, they help people in guiding them and assisting them to lead independent lives.

Mental Health Counselling

Mental illnesses have become very common these days. Awareness has helped people identify the symptoms of it and visit mental health counsellors. Mental health counselling helps people deal with issues that impact their mental health and well-being. Some of the mental illnesses are depression, PTSD, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, and more. This counselling focuses on these issues and helps in resolving them for a healthier life.

trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling helps you to identify and come to terms with feelings and emotions you may experience during or after a traumatic event. These emotions will vary from individual to individual. Trauma can involve single incidents such as a rape, car accident, witnessing a robbery or being involved in a natural disaster. Trauma can also be repeated and enduring emotional distress over a long period of time such as childhood neglect.

Substance Abuse Counselling

Substance abuse counselling is a form of counselling which helps people in treating them and supporting them from breaking free from their drug and alcohol addiction. It helps people discuss the cause of this addiction and reach to the root of it. The counsellor thereby suggests coping strategies which make a positive impact on their lives. Moreover, they also provide them with practicing skills and behaviors which helps in their recovery.